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Celebrity Big Brother: the Chaise Longue in Big Brother House, bought on Gumtree

Thursday 8 January 2015, by

This week we’re looking at the items bought on Gumtree that have won a coveted place in this year’s Celebrity Big Brother house, thanks to our CBB sponsorship. One item came courtesy of Ongar Furniture Boutique, whose stylish chaise longue in grey mock-croc velvet, was handmade in their shop in Essex. And we think it’ll definitely look the part with a selection of glamorous celebrities draped across it!

Situated in the picturesque market town of Chipping Ongar, the boutique frequently sells its stylish and distinctive wares on Gumtree but this sleek chaise longue is destined for an unusually high profile home.

Being a Celebrity Big Brother fan the shop’s manager Mandy Russell didn’t hesitate in putting the handmade chaise longue forward for consideration by the CBB team and was thrilled to learn that it will soon be playing host to a succession of celebrity derrieres.

Mandy and Hannah who sold the chaise longue

Mandy enjoys a good natured CBB bust-up and counts Jim Davidson’s clash with Linda Nolan in last year’s show among her most memorable Celebrity Big Brother moments.

Mandy’s chaise longue is a great example of the unique furniture and decorative items you can find on Gumtree and joins a chic Fortnum and Mason tea set and a stylish hand crafted selection of twig trees in the House.

Stay tuned to see more about the items bought on Gumtree that appear in the Celebrity Big Brother House this year…


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