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Celebrity Big Brother: Some More of Our Favourite Ads

Tuesday 9 December 2014, by

You’ll know by now that we’re sponsoring Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5. And we’re delighted to see that you guys are getting in the spirit, We’ve now had over 40,000 items offered for the Big Brother house, and the list keeps growing!

Below are some more gems for Big Brother to consider buying from Gumtree . And it’s easy for you to post your own ad on Gumtree. You could even see your stuff on TV in the Big Brother house!

1. Life Size Pebbled Sculpture Sat In Meditation

This guy might help calm the celebrity housemates down with his patient meditation and his steadfast refusal to take sides or join in with any squabbling.

Gumtree Celebrity Big Brother - Life Size Pebbled Sculpture Sat In Meditation


2. Novelty towel holder

This towel holder would certainly be a talking point.

Gumtree Celebrity Big Brother - Novelty Towel Holder


3. Reinhold schrother baby grand piano

One of the housemates is bound to be able to play the piano and a good old sing song round the Joanna might be a great bonding opportunity for the housemates.

Gumtree Celebrity Big Brother - Reinhold Schrother Baby Grand Piano


4. ‘Hand’ Chair

This so-called ‘hand’ chair doesn’t look too comfortable but it could look great in the CBB house.

Gumtree Celebrity Big Brother - Hand Chair


5. Love spoons painting

What’s not to like about this vibrant piece? Love spoons was created by a 58 year old, ‘very unsuccessful’ (his words not ours) abstract artist. It’s only £50 but could be worth a fortune in a few years. Come on CBB snap this up before someone else does.

Gumtree Celebrity Big Brother - Love Spoons Painting



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