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CBB Live Final Round Up

Monday 9 February 2015, by


On Friday night, we watched as the final five celebs left the Big Brother House! The one and only Katie Price was crowned your winner, beating her fellow Katie in the public vote.

We loved seeing what you had to say about the Housemates online, as the Live Final unfolded. Take a look at which celebrities got you talking during the show!

Although Katie P got an early spike in mentions, Michelle, Keith and Calum all created drastically more mentions when Emma Willis announced their eviction. However, it was eventual winner Katie P who outshined her fellow Housemates throughout. Pricey enjoyed a surge in buzz as she was declared your winner at 10:13pm, receiving nearly 1,900 mentions in that moment!

Before the Live Final, we took a look at which Housemate’s were getting the most mentions, good and bad. By seeing which celebs were getting the most positive mentions, we almost predicted the order in which the five finalists would leave the fantastically decorated House!


The Housemates weren’t the only stars on your screens during Celebrity Big Brother 2015; our talking furniture has been extremely popular with lots of people. In fact, quite a few of you were upset that you wouldn’t be seeing it every evening anymore.

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Our limelight-stealing lamps, misbehaving chairs and bunch of barstools will be missed, but you can see them all on our YouTube channel!

It has been an exciting series of Celebrity Big Brother and we’ve been thrilled to watch it with you!


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