Turn Your Clutter into Cash

Thursday 17 April 2014, by

Are you hoping that you’ll one day fit back into the super-skinny jeans you bought a couple of years back? Does the thought of parting ways with your old childhood toys or gifts seem unbearable? You’re not alone. In fact, …


Who is your favourite baddie?

Friday 22 November 2013, by

In homage to the Doctors  50th anniversary, here at Gumtree we would like to celebrate, by lining-up our favourite baddies.

The Daleks and Davros are synonymous with The Doctor, and have been voted the ‘best’ baddie of all time …


Most expensive number plates

Sunday 17 November 2013, by

Anyone who loves their motor, dreams of a customised number plate – but how much would you be willing to spend on one? We’ve dug around for the most expensive number plates EVER in our latest infographic – read …


Car Personality [Infographic]

Tuesday 3 September 2013, by

Ever been told that people’s personalities are like their cars? Well, next time you’re stuck at the traffic lights, have a look at the person next to you. What does their car say about them? And what does yours say …