Flat sharing famous faces

Tuesday 15 June 2010, by

Press release: Flat sharing famous faces
Publishing date: 8 & 11 June 2010

Finding the perfect flatmate is never easy, but when it comes to famous faces we’d like as flat sharing friends, a poll from Gumtree.com threw up some …


Mancunians make the best neighbours

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Press release: Mancunians make the best neighbours
Publishing date: 10 June 2010

A new report from Gumtree.com has revealed that Mancunians make the friendliest neighbours. The study into neighbourhood connections found that those living in Manchester  were more likely to …


Recycling without the hassle

Wednesday 26 May 2010, by

Press release: Recycling without the hassle

Publish Date: 12 May 2010

Find what you’ve been looking for and help other people make the most of your unused goods on Gumtree.com.

If the garden is pining for some TLC  and you …


Gumtree.com re-launches website

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Press release: Gumtree.com re-launches website
Publishing date: 21 May 2010

Gumtree.com re-launches with new usability features, as well as a user friendly design.  Over 13.7 million people who visit the site each month will benefit from a range of newly …


Get fit and find a friend this new year

Wednesday 19 May 2010, by

Press release: Get fit and find a friend this new year

As the new year begins, the nation vows to get fit and in shape but as February draws closer many find it hard to keep up motivation. From …


Wannabe linguists see surge in language lessons

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As cities report an increasing growing amount of languages spoken within neighbourhoods, Gumtree.com reports a surge in language lessons across the country showing a new trend of wannabe linguists. Far from just the traditional European languages on offer, people in …


Gumtree.com celebrates ten gumtastic years

Thursday 6 May 2010, by

Gumtree.com celebrates our tenth birthday by looking back at some of the weird and wonderful stories from the last decade. From Footballer Christiano Ronaldo’s old house being up for sale, to a seller in Birmingham who turned his car to …