flooded with unwanted Christmas gifts

Monday 10 January 2011, by

Cash-savvy Brits are busy converting their Christmas present bloopers into cash according to local noticeboard  The website has been inundated with people selling their unwanted presents, with 2,917 gifts listed since Christmas Day* – a 386 per cent increase


The gift that keeps on giving.….

Friday 17 December 2010, by

Buying presents can be a minefield  for some people but a gift that saves people money every day is an easy way to make sure they keep on smiling. Head to to find great bikes and improve their health


Online Christmas Swap Shop

Friday 10 December 2010, by

With the UK predicted to spend  around £700 million on unwanted Christmas presents this year, canny Brits are advised to convert their Christmas present bloopers into cash – or swap them for what they originally wanted!

This is money 2

Growing trend in couples looking for houseshares

Friday 3 December 2010, by, the online local noticeboard, has seen a growing trend of couples looking to join houseshares this year to reduce costs and help save money. As we all know, an unsteady house market, difficulties in securing mortgages and jobs dictating …

Cut thousands of pounds off household bills

Thursday 4 November 2010, by

Brits are slashing thousands of pounds off their household bills by making the most of what they have and opting for online bargains. One family recognised that these days you get congratulated for being savvy with your money and picked


Avoid the gadget graveyard

Monday 25 October 2010, by is a great place to pick up cut-price gadgets but people all too often throw away old cameras, phones and  toasters. Why not place an ad in the ‘stuff for sale’ category and give your old gadgets a new