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Monday 8 September 2014, by

Do you like clothes? Or golf? Or domestic appliances?

Then we’ve got news for you!

OK, ok, maybe this is one of those updates that will not rock your world, but there’s definitely good news to share. We’ve been doing some work on our categories, and we’ve added a few things, disposed of some things, and generally made Gumtree an easier place to search or sell stuff.

For instance, you no longer have the broad choice of “Women’s clothing” or “Men’s clothing”. You can now go into the finer details of  what type of clothing you’re after; such as activewear, shirts, t-shirts, coats & jackets, hoodies & sweats, jeans, jumpers & cardigans, shorts, suits, trousers, and so on.

Same with golf – you can now find a golf club in a haystack, by searching specifically for golf clubs, golf bags, or golf shoes.

And last but not least, household appliances too. We’re updated the whole category to include everything from toasters to irons.

Useful? Yes.

Good for you? Yes.

Exciting…? Maybe not!

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