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Big Brother’s great deal on a Fortnum & Mason silver-plated tea set!

Thursday 8 January 2015, by

As we’re sponsoring Celebrity Big Brother this year, a few weeks ago we gave you the chance to sell your items to Big Brother; helping to furnish the famous House, and make a few quid before Christmas.

Well, your response was incredible, with over 45,000 items offered for sale to Big Brother. The team behind the show diligently trawled through an enormous list of wonderful items, ranging from musical instruments to clothes, from jewellery to furniture, along with just about everything else you can imagine.

Once the task of selecting the preferred items was finally over, the CBB team made their picks and are did some great deals with Gumtree sellers from around the country.

One item sold to Big Brother was a rather lovely Fortnum & Mason silver-plated tea set, sold by Reza Moeni, who’s a big fan of the show and looks forward to catching a glimpse of the soon-to-be-famous tea set as the show kicks off.  With this year’s celebrities having plenty of time on their hands, we’re hopeful that Reza’s item will prove to be a popular addition to the house.


Reza is a longtime fan of Celebrity Big Brother, taking a particular interest in the show as a keen student of human behavior and an ex-residential social worker. And now, he’s created his own bit of TV history – congratulations, Reza.

We’ll be revealing more about the items sold on Gumtree to Big Brother in the next few days… so stay tuned and see if you can spot them in the House!


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