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Big Brother gets a great deal on Hand-Crafted Twig Trees for the Celebrity Big Brother House

Thursday 8 January 2015, by

You’re probably aware by now that Gumtree are the main sponsor of Celebrity Big Brother, and if you weren’t aware, we’ve helped to furnish the house this year with a few items sold by real Gumtree users.

One of these items chosen by the Celebrity Big Brother team for this year’s House is a stylish collection of hand-crafted twig trees courtesy of Gumtree seller Jill Griffin.  Jill made all six trees herself – with a little help from her daughter – and posted them on Gumtree in the hope of selling them for a reasonable price.


Having originally created the trees to decorate her goddaughter’s wedding venue (where they were embellished with flowers and lights) Jill was keen to create a bit of extra storage space and happy to sell to anyone who could give a proud new home to her handiwork. The news that their new home will be none other than the Celebrity Big Brother house was something of a surprise!

Jill’s excited to catch a glimpse of her hand crafted trees in the CBB house and we reckon they should fit in perfectly with this year’s Twisted Fairytale theme.

We were delighted to hear that Jill and her daughter are frequent Gumtree users; Jill has purchased several items from the site and her daughter has managed to furnish her entire flat just using Gumtree! Jill says that ‘people have been amazed at what she has been able to achieve’, but it’s no surprise to us at Gumtree HQ…

Congratulations on selling your item to Big Brother, Jill


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