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Alfie Green offers his view on the Celebrity Big Brother House

Thursday 22 January 2015, by

This week we caught up with London-based Reality TV blogger and reporter Alfie Green, who runs Reality Box, one of the biggest sources of news for Celebrity Big Brother 2015! Alfie is a big fan of Gumtree and Celebrity Big Brother. Check out his thoughts on the design of this year’s House and some of the amazing Gumtree items on the show…


Alfie Green


What do you think of the design of the  2015 Celebrity Big Brother House?

The design of the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house is fantastic. It has a real fairytale feel to it, with the twisted thorns in the garden, the mixed tiles in the bedroom and the Victorian styled mirrors dotted around the house. In comparison with previous years, the house itself feels more open, which I think helps to create the feeling to the celebrities that there is nowhere to hide. The house has a number of smaller designer elements too which add to this feel, such as the dog in the living area, or the handbags on the walls. Smaller designer elements like the dog in the living area or the handbags on the wall make the house seem more unusual, which would make you feel like you’re in an confusing environment.


What is your favourite item in the House and why?

My favourite item in the whole house has to be the dining room table. It has a vampiric feel to it with the dark black and red stripes, and the hair growing out of the back of the chairs. It really stands out in the living room. The black ‘cheetah’ print could bring out the celebrities animal instincts – playing with the idea that the Housemates are fighting for their survival in the CBB jungle!


Favourite room and why?

The room that really stands out in the house has to be the bedroom. It just has a real fairytale feel to it – and I love the owl sitting up on the wall, a constant reminder to the Housemates that Big Brother is always watching, even when the lights are off! The white Victorian beds also add to the storytelling feel of the house. The beds remind me of Peter Pan and conjures idea of dreams, although whether the Housemates will be having any dreams with Perez’s constant coughing is another argument however!


What do you think of the 4 items Gumtree put in the house?

I love the items that Gumtree added to the house. Whenever I visit Gumtree for ideas for my own house I normally end up spending a good hour or so scrolling through what is on offer, and there are so many great unique items that you just wouldn’t find on the high street. I love the mirrored cubes that are inside the house – these reflect every angle of the living room and mean no one is really safe from being spotted! The Fortnum & Mason tea set is also just gorgeous, it’s a real traditional item. It would remind the celebrities that they are being watched by the British public, with such a traditional British brand in the house! It would also make me feel like I was having tea with the Queen… which is quite a nice thought!


What would you like to buy from this year’s house?

Well, I’ve already added my interest to the mirrored cube box on Gumtree as I think this would be the perfect addition to anyone’s house. I’d love to use it as a bedside table, as it would really reflect light and would make any room seem larger! I’d also quite like the sparkly bear just in front of the diary room. It has a real glamour feel to it, and I think it would make anyone feel happy waking up to that!


How do you think the design of the House will affect the housemates behaviour?

As I’ve previously touched on, the house really has effected the housemates behaviour so far! The darker colour scheme throughout the house has really effected the way the Housemates interact, especially in the bathroom. In previous series’ we’ve seen lots of action in the bathroom, however this series we’ve seen it used as a battleground, with the ladies of the house often retiring to the bathroom to bitch about their fellow Housemates. It also has a real contrast of textures and colours in there, with the heavy black glossy tiles reflecting the glowing bathtub, luring the Housemates in! Could we still see some action in there? Possibly!


If you could design the CBB House, what would you do?

I think this is a thing that many Big Brother fans dream about every year in the run up to the new series! For me, I’d like to see a real shake up of the layout of the house. I’d also like to see a possible return to two bedrooms – we haven’t seen this used for a number of years and could create some real fireworks in the house! I’d also like to see a house with a sharp,  neon design. A soho feel! This could really annoy the Housemates, especially if they’re trying to sleep during the day! We’ve also become used to seeing the kitchen and living area as one, but I’d like to see how the house changes when the kitchen is across the other side of the house, possibly in the garden area making the Housemates go outside to get there!


If you could furnish your house with items from Gumtree, which would you choose and what would you like to put in it?

I’d definitely go for some sharp, hard looking furniture. Lots of iron and metal – and lots of reflective materials. I’d also love to feature lots of funky lighting.


Any funny stories behind any of the furniture in your own house?

I once acquired this really rustic looking chest from my grandparents, it had an amazing Treasure Island feel. But it was locked so I could only dream of what was inside. It did rattle when I shook it, so, eventually I broke it open. To my disappointment there was only an empty shoebox inside, and some buttons. But it’s because a really useful item for hiding junk, and takes pride of place on top of my wardrobe!


Where do you buy/find your furniture?

I often look online for style inspiration, especially using Pinterest – which can sometimes be quite frustrating because you see the most perfect lamp, or table for your house… and then realise it’s based in Canada! I love looking on Gumtree for unique pieces, and going into Camden and looking in the thrift shops too! There’s a fantastic one near the end of the parade of shops which always has funky lighting. Last time I went in they had a lamp in the shape of a Vegas girl! Amazing!


What would be your top tips for transforming a room with a £1000 budget?

Always think about where your money is best spent. Often you can buy a item that needs a little work and save far much more money by up-cycling it with a lick of paint, or a piece of fabric then forking out for a totally pristine version of the same object! Also, try to think of the bigger picture. Gumtree is also a fantastic tool for this because you can save your favourite items together, and look at them all at once, whereas sometimes when you visit a number of different shops it’s hard to visualise everything together. Most importantly, stamp your personality on it and make it your own!


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