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5 simple ways to improve your Rentals ad

Tuesday 20 April 2010, by

Rahman is a professional landlord and a member of the Gumtree Good Neighbours group. He also writes about his property experiences on the Property Investment website:

You may have a great property to rent out, but if you don’t represent it well in your ad, you may not get as many replies as you should. With just a little effort, you could boost your response rate, and hopefully have a new tenant in no time. Here are a few simple tips to improve your ad:

1.    Picture it
You know the cliché ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’? Well, it’s true. Our research tells us that people are twice as likely to reply to your ad if it’s got pictures. Don’t waste time describing your property – just show it.

You can upload a maximum of 6 pictures to each ad in the Rentals categories, so make full use of that to show clear photos of various areas within your property. Here’s another tip: don’t forget to tidy up the place before taking photos!

2. More is more: give all relevant details in your description
It certainly doesn’t help to have a one-liner description of your property. You don’t have to write a long essay, but remember to include all important details: number and size of rooms, transport links, distance to supermarkets, pubs or schools, whether all bills are included, length of tenancy offered, whether you take a deposit …the list goes on.

The easiest thing to do would be to put yourself in a prospective tenant’s shoes. What kind of information would you need if you’re looking for a place to rent?

3.  Make yourself available
Make it easy for people to get in touch with you. Provide both your email address and telephone number, so people can choose whichever method suits them best.

4. Pimp your ad
Ads on Gumtree are shown in chronological order, which means that older ads get pushed further down the page as new ads get added on top. We’ve got a few ways you can promote your ad (err, for a small fee, of course) and keep it in people’s minds. These really work too – your ad is on average 6 times more likely to be seen than a normal ad:

Featured Ad: Always appear at the top of listings
Homepage Spotlight: The best kind of exposure your ad could get – a spot on our homepage
Urgent: If you’re in a hurry to rent, draw attention to your ad with a red label in listings

You can find these options at the bottom of the Post an Ad form in the ‘Make your ad stand out’ section. If you’ve got an existing ad, you can edit it now.

5. Check out the competition

If you’re still stuck for ideas, have a look around the Rentals categories for some inspiration and to see how other people are presenting their properties. At the same time, check out their rates. If you’re asking for considerably more rent than others, you may not get as many replies as you’d hoped.

Want more landlordy advice? We’ve blogged previously about ways to save money and how to interview your prospective tenants.

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